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Impressions Of Memory, Tribeca Film Festival, New York

Après le feu North America Premiere

Impressions of Memory by Jon Gartenberg
Narrative/Documentary 69 min

These talented artists address, in both thematically and stylistically distinct ways, the manner in which images evoke memory. This is achieved through the use of text, the presence of previously filmed « found » footage, a scenic train ride bleeding into digital pixels, single frame printing devices, evocations of 9/11, a tribute to a deceased filmmaker, peripheral vision, recall of sleep via animation, seascape imagery folding back on itself in time, and bittersweet remembrances of now-extinct Kodachrome film stock. 

One Over Wanderlust DIR: Brendon Kingsbury – USA – NYP
The D Train DIR: Jay Rosenblatt – USA – NYP
After the Fire DIR: Jacques Perconte – France – NAP
Garden Roll Bounce Parking Lot DIR: Melissa Friedling – USA – NYP
Current (Reprise) DIR: Brian Doyle – USA – NYP
One Day I Forgot and Used My Hands DIR: Charles Lim – Singapor e – USP
Sleep DIR: Claudius Gentinetta, Frank Braun – Switzerland – USP
Strips DIR: Félix Dufour-Laperrière – Canada – NYP
Paper DIR: Egill Kristbjornsson – U K – WP
Filmpiece for Bartlett DIR: Scott Nyerges – USA – NYP
The Green Wave DIR: Ken Jacobs – USA – NYP
Bye Bye Super 8 DIR: Johan Kramer – Netherlands – IP

Après le feu

Les 4 projections publiques ( rsvp asap si vous souhaitez y assister !)

➡ Thu, Apr 21, 7:30PM @ Clearview Cinemas Chelsea 9
➡ Sun, Apr 24, 10:30PM @ Clearview Cinemas Chelsea 9
➡ Fri, Apr 29, 2:30PM @ Clearview Cinemas Chelsea 4
➡ Sun, May 01, 11:00AM @ Tribeca Cinemas Theater 1

Vous pouvez soutenir le film sur la fan page facebook qui lui est dédiée : après le feu

Capture d’écran 2011-04-04 à  08.12.01

Entering its 10th season this year, the Tribeca Film Festival has become a signature New York experience with a built-in global reach. With the support of founding sponsor American Express, the Festival has developed into a unique platform for showcasing some of the best new voices, ideas and narratives in cinema today. The Festival’s range, depth and diversity reflect not only the fabric of New York but also the larger world community beyond. Tribeca has continuously redefined the traditional film festival experience while maintaining an integral relationship with its namesake neighborhood. Started by cultural pathfinders Robert De Niro, Jane Rosenthal and Craig Hatkoff in 2001, the Festival was initially organized to promote the revitalization of lower Manhattan through the lens of the arts.


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