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WNDX Festival Of Moving Image :
September 26-30, 2012 Winnipeg, Ca

Founded in 2005, WNDX places special attention on the most innovative and ground-breaking work by Canadian filmmakers and video artists, with a special focus on the work of Manitoba and prairie artists. We celebrate the impetus to create in motion pictures as a means of artistic expression and bring to the forefront works that may be overlooked by the mainstream.

We consider all moving image art practices, including film, video, performance, installation and new media forms. WNDX is a film festival that was created by filmmakers, in support of filmmakers

Jacques Perconte | France
48:00, HD, 2012
●International Premiere
Along the shores of Normandy, on the track of the Impressionist painters, something’s happening:the colours are crashing against the screen …

Do iPhones Dream of Electric People?
Friday, September 28 @ 7:00PM | Cinematheque

Glitch driven investigations of landscapes, this program transforms the cinema into a space to sculpt light, with works that explore an expanded idea of embodied perception. Starting on the doorsteps on Nirvana, descending into a VHS compilation of the creation of the universe. Fantastical data-moshed dreams, tree blurs and blue-screen skies, the screen is transformed
into kinetic paintings.

WNDX Festival of Moving Image Sept 26 – 30, 2012
Winnipeg, Canada ·


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