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The Story Of Artemisia G, Professional Killer

Fiction: The story of Artemisia G, professional killer trapped by twists and turns of her hysteria, victim of pictures and culture. There is only one way for her to survive: she has to find a safe path through reality. Here: reality may be the fiction. How can she understand?

1. World of books

2. Une lecture d’ArtemiÅ¡zea GuÄ™ntilleschi. L’avant.

3. Ille Nis Saan Etche Ocsha (Sczane Vlad Tepes)

4. The AL’Chadel Book of Ancient Magic Philosophy

5. Les premiers pas (au nombre de cinq)

6. Rites et initiations, le passage, le corps

7. Waiting room (ellipsis)

8. 999 Ensign of Circle. L’après.




L’image à  son envers.

Portrait d’une femme libre ?


Artemisia Gentileschi changes what she can see. Sometimes I imagine that she’s only a movie character (escaped from a novel). She may have borrowed her name (Is she Artémisia Maddu Ocsha ?). There are so many things I cannot tell you : either because I still did not understood everything or because I do not know if facts are true.

Behind the code ?

Les images qui mentent.

Artémisia était une tueuse à  gages, elle a passé les dix dernières années à  parcourir le monde.

Cette image peut livrer sa source.


Artémisia G. : Portrait


La lime mord le métal.

« celui qui détruit – celui qui cause la destruction »

Autsin, texas, Friday the 19th of november :

I’ll speak of bodies changed in new forms.

Je te mordrai.

How could we understand what she tells us ? She presents herself through texts that relate several times of her life : the search of her parents, shady and initiatory ages for she travelled incessantly in quest of a new life or of something in what she could believe.

Language is the music with which we charm the serpents guarding another’s treasure. Language is the science of seduction.

She showed me how to become a Witch.

Artemisia tell us about pictures that made her. This assemblage of forms and texts may appear untidy but this is the only way to understand her, this is what defines her the best. It happens so many things simultaneously that it’s difficult to get just a single framework of her mental activity. It’s even worth in the code.

_ Who knows ?

Treize cent trois.

Elle se tenait debout au bord du lac. Elle regardait le bateau de Xvien revenir doucement vers la plage. C’était cet endroit de la côte, pas loin des petites îles où la forêt s’avançait dans la mer. Il n’y avait qu’eux qui vivaient là . On les avait chassé du village, elle, et son frère. […] Elle s’agenouilla doucement. Assez pour avoir les genoux qui touchent l’eau.

Les petites vagues mouillaient sa robe. Elle laissait traîner ses mains sur la surface en regardant le ciel quand son corps s’affaissa et que sa tête heurta une pierre, les bras pliants, elle se couchait, son corps trempait dans sa tache de sang.

948 828 537 + seconds -

gone since the birth of Artémisia Maddu Ocsha, known under the name of ‘Artémisia Gentileschi’


La souffrance est salutaire.[Dan Brown] Da Vinci code

Artemisia writes several books in the same time. None is accomplished today. The first is an autobiographical novel that will most probably become a bestseller. The second one, her quest, is based on translations of ancient books (the ‘Book of Chi’, XIth Ce AD and ‘πραγματικό αίμα’, IIIrd AD, among others). You’ll find quotations of those books here. It remains a mystery… I confess you that it’s still difficult to me to understand it too, it looks like other esoteric or mythologic books i red but nothing is really identifiable. This book talks about the mystical initiation trip of a woman who is also named Artemisia and who will have to renounce to everything she believed for accessing to a new identity. Only her faith can help her to discover what a new life could be. Artemisia is a seer who will serv a passion through sacrifice….

- De même que tout royaume divisé est bientôt défait, toute intelligence qui se divise en plusieurs études différentes s’embrouille et s’affaiblit. [léonard de vinci]

I hope you to spend a pleasant time arround here.

All those texts were written centuries appart by writers fom very different philosophical beliefs with not the same technical vocabularies and sometimes complete oposite aims…

Artemisia was born in 1969 in Santiago de chile’suburbs, serparated from her parents at the age og 6 she left american continent to Europe with the first familly where she was placed. She’ll escape three times and cross borderlines before beeing sent back to her substitute parents.

This story can be separated in two parts : the before and the after. The complexity lies in the fact that those two parts are always present.

Nitric Acid ____ Potassium Perchlorate ____ Sulfuric Acid ____ Potassium Chlorate ____ 95% Ethanol ____ Picric Acid (usually a powder) ____ Toluene ____ Ammonium Nitrate ____ Perchloric Acid ____ Powdered Magnesium

____ Hydrochloric Acid ____ Powdered Aluminum

Alchimie, perseverance, movements et prophecies,

Esse Artémisia, ille misczies talve llani opte valk trepan

Bashki noo selte opte vaan

I’ve learnt to handle weapons : the ones you know and the others that you even can imagine the existance.

Psychic reality | premise according that unconscious formations are organized as a causality strictly pshychic based on the hypothesis of the unconcious. The initial link of psychic is the fantasy, which are tied up repressed memories.

Her name is artemisia.

Almost desert highway. Grey sky, torential rain. The roard is blue. Two cars go side by side. They run very fast. A window opens. Cars go closer.

Two hours earlier, Artemisia was still at the airport, she knew that landing earlier, that waiting somewhere wouldn’t have been wise. Two hours for getting ready, renting a car and finding Frederico M. For sure she already came here, for sure she knew where to find him and particulary what was his precise planning for this november day.

—————————– -

Artémisia (fake) :

The fidelity i gave to what was teached to me would have last only my childhood time. I confide in you : i do not consider to turn myself towards what others look at . i’m trying to get rid of my memories and reuse the few traces of it to understand what really happen. I do not do that in the hope of beeing able to realy reconstruct my past but because this will be the theater of somthing new.

Two hours earlier, Artemisia was still at the airport, she was going out of the plane dressed with one of her smartest long coat. She weared high heels black boots and dark trousers.

She was going down the plane incognito, no handbag. We only see her.

Six month later, artemisia will have completly deleted this past. While i say deleted, it’s that there exist no more trace nor a person that can swear he knew her at one day.

A new artemisia ?

AEremisia Two years later :

I feel them somewhere, i know they are looking for me.

But i need some more time to find them. This is just a quetsion of time…

Pas d’espace.

De temps.

: [...] Qui ne voit pas ces forêts de cyprès

noirs plongées dans la brume des vallées de Transylvanie [...] et ces immenses

châteaux appuyant leurs remparts

et leurs tours sur les bords de

falaises à  pic…

Do not put your faith in such trinkets of deceit! We are in Transylvania, and Transylvania is not England [Ni ailleurs]. Our ways are not your ways. And, to you, there shall be many strange things . [2003]


9 : self -portrait

Let’s imagine that artemisia is really the one, the chosen one…

We all know her, she’s really a great looking girl… that we can’t stop.

Her past and all the mysteries surrounding her character help artemisia to be to best person chosen for this quest.

Let’s imagine, for real this time î that there is a new prophecy. Right here. Right now. Artemsia knows she has to convince us.

She’s the one who knows.

She’s the face of a new enregy.

How can we understand a world where icons are loosing their colors ? Maybe a simple movment of her hands can change everything for us î is this magical ? i do not think so.

En 1610, en Italie, Artemisia Gentileschi a 17 ans. Son père, Orazio, peintre reconnu, lui a transmis sa passion de la peinture. Une passion interdite par ce qu’une femme n’a pas droit de suivre les cours de l’Académie…

Who is not like me ?

My sister artemisia was born in 69 near Santiago. She spent her childhood in our village. She was lovely. So lovely i do not know how to describer … I swear u : she lighted up your heart every time she smiled.

In 1996 artemisia set up in Bistrita, she’ll spend six month there before to leave for few weeks in the forests…

Paraphrénie | Je suis une force qui va. Hernani


San Asteffe


south america, end of the afternoon, a beach…


décor : composite


B : Madagascar =<br>

C : This is not south America – this is Bora Bora <br>

D: China Beach india35/r.htm

A la recherche d’une image de fillette – artémisia ?.

E : Fillette en algérie


Artemisia is 4 years old. Her feet are in the sea. She leans forward to pick up a shell. Her hair fall on the face, she hold them with a hand and stand up again. He father, Dan karss commes to her. He kisses her.

Artemisia (off)

Mi padre, Dan Harker nacà­o en Allemana por los grandes bosques de Bavière. Cual aà±o ? No sé exactamente para decir la verdad, pero no es tan importante. Ha vivido en una familia bastante rica, creo que era orfelino… De cierta manera, un poco como nosotros.

Artemisia leans forward again to the sea and plunge her hand into the water.

She rummages a little longr than the first time…

She takes a remington bullet out the sea…

She closes her eyes.


La mort n’est plus symbolisée par le groupe social, seul l’imaginaire individuel prend en charge le travail de deuil, ouvrant des brèches à  des dérives fantasmatiques chaotiques.

I am sure that my father was a mercenary î he fighted and killed î not for ideas î not for faith î not for me î not for my mother î for money.

I used to be like him… but :

I am not like that.

Are u ?

Tà¶ten ist eine Gestalt unseres wandernden Trauerns…

Primero tenà­amos tres semanas para entrenarse como paramilitares : manejamiento de armas, de los explosivos, aprender cà³mo caer corectamente…

Les douze portes étaient douze perles; chaque porte était d’une seule perle. La place de la ville était d’or pur, comme du verre transparent.

Artemisia was here for hours.. waiting for someone to pass to shoot. Anybody. None can go across this part of the forest.

I am a sniper.

I’m am fighting to escape from my past.

I do not believe in those wars.

Everytime i tried to understand what was conducting the revolution i noticed that it was not my fight, not my ideas, not my world, not my freinds, not my religion, not my language, not my futre, nothing x 3.

But i was here.

I think of a ring.

I need one circle.

THIS is the Form of the Magic Ring, or rather Disc, of Solornon, the figure

whereof is to be inade in gold or silver. It is to be held before the face of the exorcist

to preserve him from the stinking sulphurous fumes and flaming breath of the Evil



D’Artémisia Maddu Ocsha

(Palagruza) from 20/12/00 7:26

iz : 12/05/03 14:19:53 -> rev 16

Illsze calita en cia tore

N. villia et chiase en tenebr Acte et Ancien

(cf. Querelle des anciens

et des modernes) anticipation,

art,Art pour art (Théorie de l’ »art pour l’art »).

Cf. Wilde Oscar, Article, Auteur, Biographie,

Comédie, Comédien (ne), conte, Créateur,

chroniques et Drames, écrire,des Écrits,

l’Écriture, Encyclopédie (après le chaos), Énigme,

Épître, Essai (s), Expression, Fantastique, Fiction, Histoire, Imaginaire, Immortel, Langage, Lecture (s) et réalité, Légende, Lexique (3), Littérature,

“4.Wanting to write on love, is facing the mess of language: this panic area where language is both not enough yet too excessive […] and poor […].”

Livre, Lyrique, Mélodrame contemporain ? Mémoires (flash-back) (slide-return), Moderne, Muse (peinture), Mythe (origine), Mythologie (actuelle), Naturalisme (média), Poésie (illusion), Préface (preuve), Publication (mensonge), Rationalisme (distance), Récit, Roman d’anticipation, Romantisme et Science-fiction, Théâtre.

i will not surrender because of this earth which exagerate so much the importance of heaven.

the spirit of the sun …

i will not surrender because you are not fighting with me

i will not surrender because i know that reality is not just a fiction.

Moi homme des dieux et chef des miens

Je fige ces écrits qui ne sont que pour toi

Sur des pierres lisses dans leur dos

Avec mon sang noirci par l’amour

Bite me.

Eth Ckoleiv Nam

Iskero an chi visz

Viptim a Chi

A estero da ocsha

Jive eth chi

Rien ne vous dit ce qui se passe, rien ne vous laisse croire que c’est faux.

Nothing tells you what’s happening, nothing lets you thing it’s fake.

six weeks ago.





she goes away.

Et voilà 

Que je t’embrasse

Je veux te fendre

Je veux t’épuiser

Je veux te vider

we could believe that some histories incssantly start again

Il faudra les transpercer

i kiss you


You’ll arrive here

You’ll destroy those words

As one goes along you’ll read them

You’ll see

You’ll destroy thoses pages

As one goes you ‘ll accomplish them

You’ll know.

you are this tree

you are this book

you are this picture

you know that

Et on parle de chantage,

Je ne suis que ces mots,

je ne serais que ces mots,

vous ne serez plus que ces mots.

Le texte, le fanatisme, la foi..

l’image ne sait décidément pas se taire.



i kiss you

i kiss you

i kiss you

will you follow me ?



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