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Posté le 10 octobre 2001 dans évènements, Films, Tempo e pause -> lien permanent
Ordinary Madness @ La Grande Halle, Paris

Jacques Perconte — ‘TEP’ tempo e pause, ordinary madness, 60’, 2001, musique : E-Di, Beffroi, Rekelsit, production EWMO
Artiste Français Jacques Perconte compile, recycle, modifie et altère des images du quotidien pour en faire des assemblages séduisants étranges et fascinants.

Ordinary Madn - fOrget-the-romantism-tz - 062

D’une illusion et de l’histoire, les souvenirs de cinéma qui me tiennent.
Un regard vers trois films, état des corps numériques.

ordinary-madness, her-face-is-an-icon
first-step-to, where is foreground
follow-this-motion-picture and-open-your-eyes
forget-the-romantism, and-watch-those-movies
have-a-drink, yes-have-one
hold-the-face, to-see-if-it-is-here
leave-a-kiss, and-stay-away
life-abuse-and-do-not-care, be-a-character
see-what-you-cannot-see, before-you-do-it
sex-up-your-ideas, smell-her
sweep-and-suck to spit-in-trash
wandering-and-giving-up for-something-else
before the city delle donne, this-guy-will-bring-you
be-the-one-who-drives-not and-feel-the-wind-by-the-window
do-not-care-about-the-others, get-that-sexy-gun
and-the-better-way-for-a-break is-to-be-increased
feminizm-and-death are-not-reasons-to-quit
the-red-resistance will-try-to-make-you-a-worm
leave-your-way-for-free before-you-become-one-of-them
have-time-to-be-a-star and-show-us-how-you-do
prepare-yourself-to-see-and-show before-you-loose
and-have-a-good-night with-those-nice-skins
la dolce vita, lovely-trip-into-the-night
enter-the-new-world and-dance
run-after-the-time and-she-will-follow-you
and-he-understood, it-was-another-language
and-he-was-laying-here the-film-singer
does-she-understand-you or-is-she-as-drunk-as-you
do-you-know-everyone, to-the-end-of-what
live-with-those-eternal-pictures and-dance
never-forget-to-be-the-one who-can-be-asked-for
re-invent-one-open-space the-recorded-tragedy
the-drunk-who-knows can-see-everything
the-falling-body will-call-you
the-look-at-you is-no-reason-to-stay
to-the-end-of-the-world, to-the-end-of-love
you-are-the-storyteller, you-type-the-words

tempo e pause, ordinary Madness, 2001

le 19 et le 20 octobre à  Paris,
Mixmove 2001, curatoring Stéphane Delanoé
Salle Boris Vian, Grande Halle de la Vilette / Paris


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