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X-00, 7 Hours Live Audiostream

x-00 audiostream interface

online events and net programation on for x-00. ->
16>19.03.00 | from bdx. k|| websites link available in the text. <-

k | net – || romanian fracassniev official website.
k | net – || / opening her mind to you.
k | net + || nc4.0 promenade. 11’45 »
k | mail. || | no mailing list here.

hourly detailed program gmt+1

17.00 k | -11 fl(e).1
17.42 k | audio streaming / ma.nc5 : 40’23 »
18.22 k | intelligencia spacies . 2k
18.28 k | AZAR 5 p. / 13’20 »
18.40 k | -stack-s
19.41 k | pièces sonores; extraits de vides
20.00 k | -11 fl(e)
20.44 k | Chloe . installation
20.56 k | Chloe . dialogs parts
21.20 k | adult soft thems live
21.37 k | petits mots live
21.39 k | marguerite spam live spam
21.39 k | pavu | autocthr valu upgrade dgH
21.40 k | pavu | interview with professeur Paul D
21.48 k | les yeux ouverts | e. music
22.00 k | romanian fracassniev | acoustic sessions + live live
22.28 k | romanian fracassniev | shatz kroe live
23.20 k | romanian fracassniev | acoustic sessions + xtra live

+ WHat is i + ?

Opening. diffusion. relay. exposing a programation laying out x-00 event alterning live and recorded contents. Alterning betwin different medias and various registers without total attempt at different direction than that of the reflection of an exploded production.

Between musical interference, and industrial bruitism electric passage by a walk, only alternate expressionist. **time-out** movement of thought simple pavu and nothing without loss of identity through the mass communicate interference media of content without himself ask for which pre version 3.0, before first of a transfer through the history of a practice evolve towards the questionement, of complexity with performance around facility…. It’s an online radio station on Just click on the link to listen.

now playing
live here and now
Xperience listening to technart. x-00 broadcast event ? You must have a mp3 player. if you don’t download one and open this url :

as a playlist. Wait for the end of the buffering time and enjoy technart s xpriences… You can direct listen to it with real player 7.0 following this url :

How to listen ?
What you need to experience it ?
Where ? Need a hourly detailed program ?
artemisia . Artemisia, c’est cette fille que je cherche à  cerner, ce personnage qui prendra vie dans mon prochain film, pour l’instant elle hante mes textes et se promène dans mes rêves. Artemisia est cette incarnation d’une histoire de notre génération culturelle en une image d’une réalité supposée. Artemisia a quelque chose comme vingt ans. Elle navigue entre plusieurs univers qui s’éloignent de plus en plus de la réalité que nous connaissons. Elle se construit des systèmes de représentations qui vont lui permettre de comprendre notre monde.

promenade . promenade is a 12 minutes short film. Here here the film, the texts which accompany it, work where it will open with other modes of monstration… also you will be able to follow here its life through the festivals and projections [ note found on the official site ] .

info-ouar . information war… was created in 1997 and himself be really appear in April 1998, with more than de 450 exchange on 15 day, it be a space of Spam, deregulation informative, of fun but always representative of a ethics of work total.


stack-s . audio performance 1999. recorded and mixed at krakatoa by Marc Duvigneau. Electric and electronic guitar parts for Television explosion and pictures deconstruction. I don’t like the titanik, hear kate winslet in it.

11fl (e) . audio performance 1997. Live abstracts from performances in bordeaux during year 1997, only electric instruments and electronic deformations.

ma.nc5 . these percussion, in beginning be some blow relate with hand to some gate, some board of wood place in a large building very high of ceiling and very in concrete. This performance was used as sound track with the photo exposure of the numerical bodies version 5.0 to the gallery diagram-chezma end 1999 .

11fl (e) . Mental experiments of virtual spaces, is a series of frantic monologues jumping of imaginary languages to partially invented dialèctes telling stories of gen finding itself locked up in representations data-processing .

While passing in mp3 with 32ko for a broader possible audience, the sounds, their colors, their textures, are completely faded, certain sounds are straightforwardly transformed and deviennet of the electronic parasites, this stransformations give to the sounds a reality which is the completely different… sharp Net, it is too signal.
romanian fracassniev . Founded in 1799 the Prastà¸ssva company gathers nearly 50 musicians coming from all the regions from Romania. Romanian Fracassniev alias à˜lmar Kersvà¸mnasnià¸usky is one of largest representing culture country of its country. He only can handle the language of Loubeloz and to place it in the context of the traditionelles musics of Barà¸va This year, Romanian Fracassniev’ S band settled in Bordeaux and will traverse its repertory of songs and musical parts in several tens of concerts. In 1799, with broutchounova in Romania, Pitro Valesova melts the company, it revolutionizes the musqiue. Auijourd’ today, the company is directed and carried out by the descendants of this musician except pars: à˜lmar Kersvà¸mnasnià¸usky and his/her cousin Wally Boszoum. They decided not to be confined with the Eastern European countries and exported the company in Europe then in the States Unis, it finally returned to France in 1999 and entammé a round there. Some immigrant musicians like Jji Meynardova, moldave arrived to France in 1987 joined the rows of Romanian to be attached to this traditional culture although contemporary which they were losing. Today the company has many sucvcès, it will leave a new album ‘ Shatz Kroe’ which announces a new musical era for this beginning of sciècle. … disinformation

extraits de vide . Extarcts of vacuum, it would be an enesemble some sound recording de sons carry out with turning of voyage, some conversation,…

les yeux ouverts .It throws the printed circuit by ground and tramples violently it. It squatted and gives him blows of points. It is raised and gone towards the bathroom. It leans the head in the bath-tub and occurs from cold water on cranium. It is inserted an electronic object in the eye, it tightens it using a small screwdriver of electrician. [... ]Il himself type the head by ground, of people himself approach of him and try to it raise, it himself struggle, the striking, try to himself escape, himself tear off this thing that it himself be graft on the face and leave in run. It bleeds. A film of Jerome meynardie, scenario, music and sound design: technart. Paradoxal productions 1999.

chloe-i . this installation, simply a fixing of 24 photograph of laeticia naked, 24 time agraphée in of small pocket index and attach on of tree a Sunday evening of March 1999… A hold in place hardly 12 hour somebody A quickly take these image which seem not be with their place. .

chloe – dialogues . Chloe is one of first long measurings has to put in scene the technological numerical ones as actors of a eexplosion of the support and framework. The stake, that of the image implies an engagement on the sound, and tightens the play of the actueurs, the concept of do-it-yourself, within the meaning of do-it-yourselfing is very significant, the sacteurs make like if, and are more themselves that my characters.

petits mots . before the marguerites, instalation language for the process, with Joachim Desarmenien.. troubleshooting for the Beaux-arts Degree.
x marguerite spam art . We met, with Joachim, in the context of a study around the approach which we had on the reality of the Spam machine. We considered it like a natural model or technology does not intervene like a cultural factor in order to return to a purified approach of the object. .

adult soft thems . sound sexuality is a field of investigation well too often forsaken. Small mental sensory excursions.

pavu autoctgr .it does not have passes the urban-GNou-charter on the list copyleft and statement ke I could have left the SE caster for the occasion! [ C was prevu of long date - family meeting with fracassoreill contest! ]oko takes aspro-urs!!!! its justifies the claws!! If you want to start with Žcouter, I advise you to start by not-making it. The sign language is really significant, but much more difficult. .

pavu interview with paul D . Autoductique de Plines IARD [ Informative Arts Research and Development ] (office of design and ingeniery producing the definitions of the products and the processes of development production of Hardwares and Softwares intend has the production of Plines) interview with the ceo: Paul Dupouy, talks around the fundamental questions of the difference in the directing approach of the object informative.

these text can seem be completely import what that be not true, it of be very certainly the case for the form, since the content initial write in French have carefully automatically be interpret (with a certain degree of envisageabilité probable) and translate (with a precision close of that of a search engine de recherche) by the system Systran of Alta Vista, I you request to test to include it that you can, especially if you arrive to find the force. I you indicate nevertheless that with end of this text himself find a version French (it and forgery if you read the version French, on the other hand, it there have a text English with top, what be false if you read the version English) In the alternative of a proposal, of intervention in line, himself present a project of streaming audio spread out on two space time of eight hour each one, the programming be different on the two time, it contain a program very heterogeneous make the point on the activity musical and experimental of teak. We are not at all in the presence of creation on line, but of deterioration of creation on line, the streaming considered deteriorates the quality and the intentions first of the majority of the initial audio attempts, but the interest is to approach the support and there it is him which brings closer the informative objects to him by adapting them by these deteriorations. Just like I proceeded with the text, the musical form does one with the éthiquo-social capacities (in the direction or one considers the Net surfer as started active present within the framework from the consultation of a creation on line, and thus necessarily agent like reader). intervene with x-00 this year be enough significant for me,

I me of go épiloguer like the author of a page personal on the behavior étrangement asocial of clam, but it himself find that I pose some question as for the place of creation on line inside my practice and the answer that I me bring, although sincere be also clear for me that this text can be for you, one feel a large share of fran, chise and of probable truth, but one have some evil have all articulate and with all that which, a once that the puzzle be rebuild, a little like if I well a gate coat out of cane sitting beside a table à .vélo (excuse this bazaar, but is to make a joke with people who will read the French version, and who, in front of their total incomprehension of the preceding sentences will move towards the English version which it will comprise as many errors, and vice versa, this is naturally false for those which read the version English and vice versa, with reading in the sense that one wants; Now, I will pass to the phase thanks, phase absolutely useless, but which makes sourir people who there are generally quoted, first of all, most significant, that which lets me use my time out of the hours which would be adequate with my practices but which are already full, that which leaves me and helps me, which already encourages me since a good moment, bob;). after nevertheless thank you very much in Gerald, who even if it always does not speak the language about the men made and it ets for that that I thank it. Then, thank you Paul, lenient, and all the others which I wired for sound. thank you with those which want that I continue to make things even if they are null (I déconne). Thank you with those which like the romanian fracassniev.

ces texte pouvoir sembler complet importation ce qui cela non vrai, très certain cas pour forme, puisque content initiale écrire dans français avoir soigneux automatique interpréter (avec un certain degré envisageabilité probable) et traduire (avec un précision fin cela un Search Engine De recherche) par système Systran Alta Vista, I vous demander pour tester pour inclure que vous pouvoir, particulier si vous arriver pour trouver force. ** je vous indiquer néanmoins que avec fin ce texte lui-même trouver un version français (et contrefaçon si vous lire version français, d’ autre part, là  avoir un texte anglais avec dessus, ce qui faux si vous lire version anglais) dans alternative un proposition, interposition dans ligne, lui-même actuel un projet streaming sonore écarter dehors sur deux espace temps huit heure chacun, programming différent sur deux temps, contenir un programme très hétérogène faire point sur activité musical et expérimental teck. Nous sommes pas du tout en présence de création sur la ligne, mais de la détérioration de la création sur la ligne, couler considéré détériore la qualité et les intentions d’abord de majorité des tentatives initiales d’acoustique, mais l’intérêt doit approcher le support et là  il est lui ce qui lui apporte plus étroitement les objets instructifs en les adaptant par ces détériorations. juste comme je procéder avec texte, musical forme un avec éthiquo-social capacité (dans direction ou un considérer net internaute comme démarrer actif actuel dans cadre consultation un création sur ligne, et ainsi nécessaire agent comme lecteur).

intervenir avec x-00 ce année assez significatif pour, je v épiloguer comme auteur un page personnel sur comportement étrangement asocial palourde, mais lui-même trouver que je poser quelque question comme pour endroit création sur ligne à  l’intérieur mon pratique et répondre que je apporter, bien que sincère aussi clair pour que ce texte pouvoir grand part fran, chise et probable vérité, mais un avoir quelque mal avoir tout articuler et avec tout cela qui, un une fois qui puzzle reconstruction, un peu comme si I puits un porte manteau hors canne reposer près un table à .vélo (excuser ce bazar, mais pour faire un plaisanterie avec personne qui lire français version, et qui, devant leur total incomprehension précédent phrase déplacer vers anglais version qui comporter autant de erreur, et vice versa, ceci normal faux pour ceux qui lire version anglais et vice versa, avec lecture dedans sens Maintenant, je passerai vers les mercis de phase, la phase absolument inutile, mais qui fait le sourir peuple qui là  sont généralement cités, tout d’abord, le plus significatif, cela qui me laisse utiliser mon temps hors des heures qui seraient adéquates avec mes pratiques mais qui sont déjà  pleines, que ce qui me laisse et m’aide, qui m’encourage déjà  depuis un bon moment, plomb;). après que néanmoins merci infiniment en Gerald, qui même si il toujours ne parle pas le langage au sujet des hommes faits et il des ets pour cela que je le remercie. alors, merci you Paul, clément, et tout autre qui je câbler pour bruit remercier vous avec ceux qui vouloir que je continuer pour faire chose même si nul (I déconne). Merci avec ceux qui comme le fracassniev roumain.


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