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Posté le 29 septembre 1999 dans écrits / notes, ncorps -> lien permanent
Ncorps Phase 3.0

Laissez les tons être balayés / frôlés / brossés dans l’existence. 99 sequences open the last sentences of the digital bodies. One last sequence named 00.000.0 will definitively stop the coming flow / flood. Fin of the stocks of trames, the end of the texte.

First steps to the pictures, from the picture to the information, from the information to the pattern. Some memories, some pictures which get loose from / renouce from / come off their context, partly restored to some temporalities whose flow is modified by the medium they’ve known, they’ve met and which marked them of stigmatas / marks which tell about them.

They spread out so well.

Le temps est un espace. L’image est un souvenir relating to the reality to the non reality, to both. We see in it a kind of demonstration of time with its layers / tableclothes and its plans. Those pictures, those bodies get loose from their support and go through time. They only exist

when we watch them. They only move when we think of them.

From flesh to matter. From matter to the pixel. From the pixel to the pattern. From the pattern to the memory. From the picture to I yesterday to the one which holds me now.

The temporal flow which carries / bears / holds the digital picture is confused. It’s a serie of fixed moments in the instant when they appear, but it’s possible to navigate (to move in the work we’re visiting) as well to the present as to the past. There isn’t fixed chronicity.

Referentiel time / length which is absolute (calculation on a digital scale which the base is the 2nd)

the relative times found in the physic experience of the visited work are not at the same scale than the time spread out by the work itself.

Work which needs millions of calculations by seconds, which spreads out in unbelievable places. The scale of perceptive time is relative to the level of perception which we’ve of the interface. Temporality of the experience is relative to the quality of the object. The object we are talking about is digital, uchronic. Time stretches out / sprawls in all directions and pictures go through it without nothing happening to our scale. I love them.


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